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Breast Cancer Symptoms and Surgeries 

I specialise in seeing patients with a variety of breast symptoms including

breast lumps, nipple discharge and breast pain.


I am happy to see patients directly without the need for a GP referral.

I’m also happy to see patients concerned with a family history of breast cancer, or wanting the reassurance of an annual breast assessment.

When assessing your breast symptoms, we use “triple assessment”- using a combination of physical examination, breast imaging and biopsy when needed. I am fully supported by my breast care nurse who has a wealth of experience with breast problems, cancer and surgery.

For those women unfortunate enough to have breast cancer, my experience as an oncoplastic surgery guide the recommendations I make. 

My experience as an oncoplastic surgeon

Oncoplastic breast surgery is where cancer surgery (“onco”) is combined with plastic surgical techniques to try and optimize the best long term cosmetic outcome for women requiring breast cancer removal. This can be as complex as full reconstructive surgery after mastectomy or can enable women to keep their breast by reshaping the breast tissue after removing the cancerous part. There are various techniques available for both these situations and I am happy to explain to patients in as much detail as they would like which options are available to them on an individually tailored basis.

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