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Every woman with breast concerns needs to be listened to

Sophie Helme, Consultant Breast Surgeon

Cosmetic and Breast Cancer Surgery

Meet Sophie Helme

Consultant Breast Surgeon

"I know the huge anxiety that is caused when women have concerns with their breasts, not only for themselves but for the impact it has on others around them.


I therefore aspire to provide friendly and unhurried consultations to allow me to provide direct and balanced information and investigations for each individual person."

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Be free & be at ease

Our Breast Surgery Services

When it comes to breasts I am passionate about finding out about your concerns and how I can help,

whether your concern is cosmetic or in regards to breast cancer.

I pride myself on trying to explain the process of surgery in a way that is easy to understand and with a manner that makes you feel able to ask questions- no matter how simple or complex.


Cosmetic Surgery

We offer a range of cosmetic breast surgery options to address your concerns


Cancer Surgery

We offer a range of services to diagnose and treat breast cancer and rebuild your confidence


“You have been so kind, so thoughtful, so AMAZING. I cannot thank you enough for all the care and amazing surgery you have given to me. I feel so so lucky. I am sure you will make hundreds of other women’s lives richer, happier because of your amazing work and talent and kindness. Thankyou”


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